$12 Trillion in Cybercrime by 2025

Digital Transformation of Industry Creates New Risks.


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Fraud.net’s AI-powered platform is designed to risk-assess payments, loans, and other financial events which run the risk of fraud or abuse.  If you are a current or future leader in the following industries and could benefit from real-time (sub-second) risk analyses leveraging the most sophisticated deep learning algorithms available, please contact us to discuss your use case.

Banking  (Retail)

Compete and win the race to acquire and thrill digital banking customers.  Let Fraud.net de-risk remote digital acquisition.

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Consumer Lending

On average, over 10% of loan defaults are actually fraud.  Use AI to reduce avoidable losses and boost portfolio returns.

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Ecommerce merchants falsely decline more orders than they lose to fraud. Use AI to reduce losses and boost profits.

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55% of millennials would sign up for savings, payments, loan, or investment services from a fintech. Fraud.net can manage your risk.

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Online gaming and gambling companies are thriving. Let Fraud.net prevent collusion and bonus abuse that damage trust.

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Trillions of dollars are lost to improper payments each year, hurting taxpayers and depriving important projects of funding.

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10% to 30% of all claims are fraudulent.  Use Fraud.net’s AI-driven platform to improve profits and reduce premiums.

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Multi-party transactions are inherently more risky. Let Fraud.net ensure that you keep your fraud low and your customer trust high.

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Most transactions today are mobile.  Use all of Fraud.net’s tools and data  to ensure a frictionless and low-risk experience.

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Payments & Billing

Consumers are demanding real-time payments and they will get it. Let Fraud.net take the risk out of your transactions.

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Telecom companies are both lenders and service providers. Let Fraud.net reduce your fraud exposure on both fronts.

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Travel & Hospitality

Friction-free ticketing and reservations is a must.  Let Fraud.net use AI to ensure fraud is virtually eliminated in real-time.

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