Device and Behavioral Monitoring

Behavioral Intelligence


The Solution

Authenticate logins by validating identity and payment information, analyzing velocities, and ensuring credentials have not been stolen and resold on the dark web.  

For digital merchants and financial services providers, allowing suspicious logins is among the most challenging decisions.

Login Scoring & Authentication


variables appended to your transactions
to fuel the algorithms’ accuracy.


features are created & analyzed by our
deep learning models.

$14.7 Trillion

in new value will be won by 2030
by AI’s early adopters. Don’t lose out.


Real-Time Protection

Flexible and modular verification is necessary to enable merchants to confirm a user’s identity, order details, and purchasing methods.

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Frictionless Commerce

Advanced technology enables organizations to test ‘intelligent’ commerce’ by thrilling customers with even greater convenience and speed.

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Anomaly Detection

A big part of building a threat intelligence program is identifying anomalies quickly, with certainty, and auto-triggering counter-measures.

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Early Warning System

Secure your websites and mobile apps. Be alerted of attacks as they happen, on your site and across the network.

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Protecting Customer Accounts

With more customers and value migrating online, every digital organization needs to connsider the protection of digital account information against theft and abuse as a critical management issue. The US government has identified protecting digital assets and accounts as ‘one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.’

Professional cybercrime organizations, ‘cybercrime as a service’ purveyors, and other malevolent actors are becoming more sophisticated and better funded. They take over user devices and are armed with vast amounts of identity data acquired on the dark web. Over the past five years, more complex and targeted attacks are being used on digital organizations to obtain access to customer accounts, steal the money or other value, then erase their tracks. The most important point for digital service providers, banks inclusive, occurs at the login. Let help capture all relevant data at login, append proprietary data, then score login risk, all seamlessly and invisibly.

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Stop Fraud, Not Customers

Machine learning, anomaly detection, geolocation and behavioral analyses can all be combined to detect high-risk sessions on your site and prevent most fraudulent logins. Banks, crypto exchanges and other organizations with fiduciary duties are especially vulnerable, but also have the opportunity to set themselves apart as a high-trust partner with their consumers.